After We Came Home

Solar Flash Book 1 

During the summer of 2072, the British Army deployed two special forces teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. An IED explosion rips apart the mission.

Samuel (Sam) Richardson, Ex-Captain of the British Army's elite special forces team, SF1 lives with C-PTSD and a catalogue of guilt from losing men under his command. The need to know why an IED went off in a supposedly cleared area—that plays on his mind, over and again, the voices of the past that haunt him.

What's left of his team scatters and returns to civilian life to heal.

Ten years later, Sam is slowly healing and finding solace with his best friend, Raphael Taylor. A chance conversation with an old commander brings information about a new medical advancement Sam wants for his team. Though, finding them sets Sam and Rafe upon a course of action that will change all their lives forever.

After We Came Home is a Male/Male Romance and the first book in a series of 7.

Trigger Warnings are in the front of each book.

There are scenes of C-PTSD episodes an attempted suicide attempt on-page. This is a series of seven books. By the end of each book, there is a HEA for each couple and the overall storyline will conclude in the seventh book.

Solar Flash Book 2

When I Came Home

During the summer of 2072, the British Army deployed two teams to Afghanistan to rescue and bring home four scientists. IED explosions rip apart the mission, at the entry to the old Bagram Airfield.

Indi Hyde, ex-Sergeant of the British Army's elite special forces team SF2/SAS lives as a double amputee with C-PTSD. Carrying a strong sense of survivor's guilt, Indi returns to Blue Hyde Horse breeding Ranch to heal. His life has become one long battle of depression and disability, a chance meeting with a couple of Americans changes his outlook on life, can he finally have everything he ever dreamed of and more.

Equine Geneticist Dr Jason (Jase) Wade moved to the United Kingdom in search of the only Stallion that carries the gene that produces colour. The elusive gene is known to be in the Blue Hyde stallion Featherlight.

The stallion’s owner is grumpy and a chance meeting with him turns an eight-year-long search into something more, can Jase convince Indi to take a chance.

Dr Leo Calvert is an autistic equine veterinary specialist. Living on the spectrum hasn't been easy for Leo, he feels deeply for his best friend Jase, who is obsessed with finding Indi Hyde. Meltdowns are commonplace in their lives. Leo loving Jase isn't enough, a meeting with Indi Hyde, and Leo loses his heart to both men. Can they be convinced to give this special connection a chance?

Indi's past comes back in the shape of his ex-Commander, searching for his team. Turning their lives upside down.

When I came home is an MMM Romance.

Triggers are in the front of When I Came Home. They are C-PTSD, depression, and scenes of autistic meltdowns. Each character is helped through their episodes with the help of a lover or friend.


Coming Home Alone

Solar Flash  Book 3

Ex-Staff Sargent, Pedro Escqualve, is next on Capt. Richardson's list to be brought home. Encrypted know Pedro lives in Birmingham, and send Noah Hunter and Jack Ably to bring him in. One meeting with Pedro is all it takes for Hunter to fall hard.

Hunter feels like he knows Pedro. He really knows that as an ex-US Marine who was the first responder on the ground after the Bagram mission, it is how much the SFI/SF2 and MN1 teams suffered.

It was Hunter's job to bring home their men. It was his job to dissect the mess left behind. Now suffering from PTSD, Hunter makes it his mission to join Encrypted to find all of these men and bring them home. He owes it not only to himself but to those of his own team who gave their lives to help get the truth out.

A photograph is all Hunter has to find Pedro. Their first meeting results in him running. Pedro's head wars with his feelings and he takes off to be where he met his fiancé at the old SAS training grounds.

Hunter wars with how much he knows about the mission and why it went wrong. He struggles with loving Pedro. Can Hunter help his man to heal and accept all of life now offered to him? Especially when Pedro can't accept himself.

Coming Home Alone is a MM Romance.

Trigger warnings are scenes of PTSD, sadness and total depression.

Where's Home 
Solar Flash Book 4

Ex-Staff Sergeant Matt Carter from team MN1 blames Capt. Richardson for all that has gone wrong in his life. If they had just been allowed to do their job in Bagram. Maybe they'd all be home. At least Carter would have all of his limbs, not just three and a half.

Carter has been working undercover in two countries. Casper is the ghost, a constant voice down the line that has kept him safe all these years. An honour amongst those who kill for a living is a promise they all agree to live by.

Coincidences don't happen in Carter's world. A chance hook-up with Brian Bailey the night before, a flight out to the US. Turns out to be one of the best coincidences of his life. Carter leaves a promise to call Brian to let him know he has landed safely. Promises are things Carter should know better to leave behind.

Brian Bailey doesn't believe in promises. Sleeping with Carter, Brian knows the soldier is running from something or someone. He doesn't realise that Carter is running into danger.

Brian's belief in promises will depend on Carter surviving and coming home.

Where's Home is a Male/Male/Male Romance and book #4 in a series of #7