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Welcome to the blog

I write under Frances Regan, I'm the author of the Solar Flash series.

Look, don't ask me where this set of reprobates came from. Sam tramped his way into my mind and never left, bringing with him a whole host of ex-military guys I know nothing about.

Lead me to the SAS web pages and told me to learn.

Rafe, his now-husband, actually cackled at me and now tells me I will pass with my knowledge of their jobs. He is all about distracting Sam with bedroom activities, and sometimes not even in the bedroom. Okay, mostly not in the bedroom.

Indi has been a dream to write for, Leo his guy is a firm favourite, Ryan bless his heart is now coming into his own, he's grown into a confident character who looks after his husband, Alex, 'Rex' whose so sweet you wonder if he's ever pulled the trigger and ended a terrorist and I know he has.

Jase how that man hasn't lost the plot living with Indi, and Leo I will never know, but he is a sweetheart whom I love dearly, he tells it how it is. I think he will be one to watch for in up-and-coming books.

Silas, well, now I'm still getting used to him. His books have been a test in patience; he reminds me of Carter when I first met him.

Carter, the true arsehole, is now an angel who's so lovely I want to put him in my pocket can call him Fred. (He hates that)

I'll be writing for these guys till the end of time, I think or at least until they say enough is enough. We've some really cool words coming in books for Blue Hyde, series 2 after Solar flash. The science in book three is blowing me away, so I have to learn long guns and science, or cosmology, and about tectonic plates. But guys, what I don't know I make up because it's Fiction. Remember that.

No calling me out on stuff. I write what I'm told. And want to say Fiction is great. I can get away with so much stuff, but even at that, it has to sound right, so I'm a stickler for that.

Now the reason for adding this blog.

I decided to add one as most of the readers of my books want to know things about me, but did I tell you I'm autistic, oh and dyslexic okay a neurodivergent autistic, yeah, I know I mentioned the A word twice, and editors don't like that, but this is my blog, so I will do as I like.

I love writing. It's a really cool way to get out the words that won't come out verbally. Even if I'm autistic, I will talk to anyone if they talk to me first. True friends are the ones I knock around with or I spend my hours talking to. These are my best friends, who don't get hurt when I don't call for weeks because I'm writing a book.

Now, if you've any questions for me, feel free to hit me up on social media. I'm trying to build a newsletter. It took time as I'm not as good with technology as many other authors. So, I came into this kicking and screaming regards that, now I'm sussing this all out. So, if you sign up, remember that I can give you some cool edited extra scenes from my books when I get used to this sort of stuff.

New stuff is going on all the time, I'm writing book 3 in the Blue Hyde series, it's really a push on from what wasn't wrapped up in book 7, okay everything but one wee thing wasn't and no one noticed but me.

I've been in touch with James Critchley and have some great models for these next covers.

If you find this blog add me as a newsletter and by the time we get to sending the first one out I will show you the first cover for Blue Hyde, I've three models on that cover. All who strongly represent the characters ten years ago.

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