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What's Coming for 2021-22


Coming in 2022 


I was going to release Blue Hyde on Jan 22. Since then, I decided not to release in January. But later on in the year, probably around the end of February beginning of March, this will give me the time off after Book #7 to rest up some before I dive into edits for Leo's book. This was an extremely hard write. Leo suffers from undiagnosed PTSD. From his childhood, He is also autistic, and writing his story was like writing my own. I never expected one of the strongest on Blue Hyde to crumple so badly. Writing for Leo Hyde has been an extreme privilege. It's in the third person omniscient. Leo, he gives the last chapter in 1st person. It's how the character wanted his story told. This gives you the whole book to read before you swap points of view. The only other character in my writing life wants to do this.

We've also had editor issues with the swapping of the editors for the last two books #5-#6, these will be re-edited over the new while, and will be reformatted. Amazon will just upload the proper file onto to you my reader.

I'm also going to be writing some shorts this year regarding Blue Hyde, not all characters have a massive story to tell. But I've some sci-fi, and steampunk #wips I've put down over the past couple of years because I'm not knowledgeable enough as a writer to finish them. One is time travel, with planets blowing up it’s a real collection of fantasy. Another is a contempary and the other is I think it's called Dream-punk. I want to dive into another world other than the future of earth.

Every book I write, it's only for me, if we gather readers along the way then thank you. I don't think I write with expectations hoping people will love it. I do it because the characters like me enough to ask me to write for them.